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A Minimalistic, abstract, two button game - obtain all of the shards and keep the system growing to reach success.

Made for Ludum Dare 34; the themes were: "Two-button controls" and "growing"

How to play the game:
  • Set a node adjacent to all shards (The diamond shapes) to complete the game.
  • Each node collects gold. That gold is then sent to other nodes until it reaches the base.
  • The base will send out reserve fuel to the nodes and it will spread out to the edges of the network (prioritizing giving fuel to the closer nodes).
  • To activate a shard you need the node adjacent to have fuel.
  • Nodes cost gold and so does fuel.
  • Activating all shards ends the game.
  • The larger the network the harder it is to distribute fuel.

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Nodes 44 MB
Source Files 127 MB

Install instructions

Extract Nodes.zip, and run Nodes.exe

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